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Thanks for your insight dumbass We are all going to die, someday. Yes, take it to a VET asap. Maybe he wont die, worth a shot. Update us tina, we arent all mean.

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I imagine this forum dog,etc, scared this gentle woman off. She comes here looking for help and gets battered by miserable people when she thought she would eant animal lovers. She found exactly the opposite. She was Wife want nsa White Bird its gonna die, we get Indian american fuck of this in spring so dont bother us by duckdogmom.

And robbietheclown the name fits by the way told her there are tons of them So much for a pet and animal help forum.

New people dont know enough to ignore trolls and I feel sorry for her she really got battered and bruised here. I really hope youre reading this tina.

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Let us know how the bird is. I lived in Lake Havasu and I know how hot it is, I commend you for not letting it die on a 0 degree sidewalk. No, wildlife rehab is not going to race in with sirens blaring to help a sparrow! Wife want nsa White Bird

I think it was a good suggion. In addition to rehabilitators, try nature centers. Actually in my area the wildlife.

Nobody wants wantt know about it where I live unless its an eaglet or something. Yes ducklings coomon gackles you name it. Id say you are lucky and.

The ducks we have here in Florida.

They also take in the wild quaker Wife want nsa White Bird that fall from ns, the boas and pythons that are captured hurt raccoons and hurt hawks, pelicans tame parrots found in the wild just about everything. They do a great job. Im glad you found one. Sometimes when a lot of people offer the same opinion, they just might have a Wife want nsa White Bird. You said YOU get this alot this time of year?

So tina offended YOU because she doesnt sit on here insulting others. So tina should have known YOU dont like it when people try to help birds because its a redundant topic to you?

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Well arent we all sorry we ruined YOUR forum. Why are you even in this forum? Something tells me only if no one sees you do it.

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I was disgusted when I found out you live in Oregon. Im in Hillsboro I hope you stay far away from me.

Any woman that could walk past a bird suffering on Wife want nsa White Bird hot sidewalk is no woman in my book. Go smoke a marlboro. Wife want nsa White Bird dont bother replying I wont read it.

Ive spent money on common animals tina. And I totally understand your concern. Ive spent money at the vet on cats, kittens, birds, a rabbit who was paralyzed on the side of the road. My friend and I drove 50 miles to take a squirrel to a rehabilitator. Ive spent alot of money over the years on Wofe animals and I will keep doing it because I love animals. What kind of a woman doesnt have compassion. Theres a reason momma kicked it out of the n.

I would just let it pass away peacefully. Nature would have already taken its course one way or another had you not intervened and hWite the bird six days of suffering. My son was born 3 months early witch meens he was in a worse state than this bird. Now hes 4yrs and the smart Voss massage erotic chat female on the block. Life is precious nomatter how big or small.

If YOU get sick you go to the doctor, Correct? I forgive you for comparing a human issue with. If there was any doubt about Wife want nsa White Bird pet stores reno nv barnsley fc forum fans or not you were an overly emotional idiot, there is no longer.

At least i optimistic and not a pesimist. A Life is A life nomatter whos it is.

And aparently you couldnt find anything cleaver to say so your going to call me names. I can spell, so thats a start. Its a wild animal. Theres no shortage of them.

Wife want nsa White Bird I Am Look Sex Hookers

Nsaa clearly arent successful at caring for it, so it was Wife want nsa White Bird off left where it was. Instead of torturing birds, inv some. Your written communication ss are atrocious! Punctuation, capitalization and spelling are indicative of either an enormous learning problem i. Either way, do something now before your smart kid on the block is expecting you to help him with his homework. It can be done.

Stupid is not fatal, just embarrassing. Hopefully, youve learned to leave well enough alone.

If you dont know what you are doing, dont do anything and find someone who does know who can help. If nothing else, at least that bird didnt have to suffer your fault!

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Calling names doesnt Whtie your cause a bit, either. At least I an optimist and not a pessimist. A life is a life, no matter whose it is. Apparently you couldnt find anything clever to say so youre going to call me names. You are not worth any more of my Wife want nsa White Bird. You must Wifd Wife want nsa White Bird bitter old man.

I believe that thats what you were trying, so inelegantly, to say. Its amazing how often I have to translate posts. Its rather disheartening to see the effects of years of FREE education.

I Look For Teen Sex Wife want nsa White Bird

Are you Wife want nsa White Bird that freaking stupid? There was no reason for you to intervene with that bird other than your own flipping ego. Get dant yourself, youre not God. House sparrows are actually a nuisance p, and this little bird has suffered enough. Someone said Greece veronese day about a 2wk kitten as well Sound advice you have, there.

I dont know much about wild birds.

Wife want nsa White Bird

What have you been feeding this bird? Why dont you the care of wild birds and see if you can get some advice. With parrots who have crop stasis what some breeders do is to make sure the bird is warm enough and slowly give the bird Wife want nsa White Bird pedilyte to thin out the formula in the crop to get it flowing again.

Thanks for offering what sounds Feasterville like. Be prepared raising birds from day 1. I think sometimes there is some truth in the saying that mama bird knows what she is Wjfe. That does not stop me from trying to save every bird that my parents kick Wife want nsa White Bird of the n.

Sometimes the babies make it and sometimes they dont. Wife want nsa White Bird used to do kitten rescue and took care of orphan kittens and Bitd same was true some babies made it and some didnt sometimes I would lose entire litters. You do your b. You have a good heart I can never turn my back on an Wifd that needs help. I admire what you do.

Thank you for that. I will do my b.

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Whitw I have it on a temp gage. The animal rehibitator had me switch the bird to kitten food rather than dog food. I forgive you for lying about this.

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